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Welcome to this new resource for JAV lovers worldwide.

At this point in time we are looking for contributors and the site is very much work in progress, with texts from Wikipedia and many stubs. I hope as the community comes together this site will become a unique resource for information on all things JAV that is sometimes had to get.

The plan is to have entries for all studios (and their labels) and all major AV stars a with complete lists of all their releases.

Please look at these entries for examples how fully fledged out entries could look like: Sora Aoi, APAG-001, Muteki

Ultimately, every release should have a page with the cover, the stars appearing, the label and relevant information such as scene descriptions and reviews or personal comments of the community.

We do not allow links to torrents or other illegal downloads any titles and movies referenced on this site.

Racism, racist or derogatory remarks or similar contributions will also not be allowed.

Getting started