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Beautiful Athlete Caught In A Trap

Studio(s): Aurora Project Annex

Actress(es): Kanon Takigawa

Release Date: Jan. 21, 2013

Runtime: 111 min.

Languages: Japanese

Subtitles: ----

Channel: Playgirl, PRIME

Director: Kaichito

Categories: Humiliation, Office Lady, Slender, Featured Actress, Drama, Threesome / Foursome, Digital Mosaic

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She's in business attire and obviously attempting either a job interview or admission to a group. She is fondled by one man, she leaves, changes into a bikini, comes back out, and is fondled some more. This quickly changes into her being fucked on the couch while 2 other men grope her tits. He finishes her off with a creampie. The other two men put her on her knees and start enjoying her mouth. This ends with a facial.

In the final scene there are at least 5 guys who take turns intermittently gangbanging her, cumming in her mouth, fucking her, pulling out and giving her facials. She ends convulsing on a ottoman from her hard fucking showing off her perfect body.

Watch it here